Design and Furniture quality


Quality is our main goal. We are very scrupulous on our products, both on the quality of the used materials and on the methods of fabrication.

Selected materials


Our products are handcrafted with premium quality italian calfskin leather. We only use hardly selected and controlled skins from which the defects where eliminated contrôlées. They have been crafted for easy cleaning while keeping a perfect shape.


We only use for most of our products stainless steel for a longer life. Diamond shine will last for years and can be easily polished with any soft polish product

Cushions foam

Foams used for filling the cushions of our seats atre made of high density polyurethane. For selected products as sofas, we use a sandwich of different density foams to keep a perfect shape of the cushions while giving an optimal seating confort.

Dye cast aluminium

Contrarly to certain manufacturers methods, legs of our Tulip series tables and chairs des tables are moulded of dye cast  and coated to give them the final colour.

Use of such a material garantee a perfect stability to our tables and chairs.

Do not hesitate buying a dye cast aluminum tables unless it will bend as soon as you put one hand on it.

 "Full leather" garanteed

As we explain in our products informations, all our leather products are fully made of leather including ::

- Visible structures and arms.

- Back and seating cushions.

- Sides and backs of the sofas and armchairs.

- Pipings.

- Buttons used on certain products such as  Barcelona and Florence series.

Lots of manufacturers use matching polyurethane for there parts, which on one hand is not beautifull and on the other hand will hardly limit the product lifetime.

Qualified craftsmen

With long years working on these products,, craftsmen who handcraftour products aqcuired a fantastic know how. Certain sewings on our products such as Egg chair and Swan chair are hand made. Same as for the buttons of all our products that are sewed by minutious hands.

A serious quality control

All of our products are verified duric production, assembly, finishing and packing.