Some of our products are realized in fiberglass and resin, they were covered with a special paint type gel - coat used for boats to give them the color and the wished finish. It is thus about a layer of finish over which it will be necessary to watch not to remove banishing the use of products like solvents acetone or aggressive products. A simple cleaning with a soft cloth will thus be important. If a spot persists, you can use a wet cloth or a  sponge. Do not forget to dry with a dry cloth after this type of cleaning.

Leathers and fabrics maintenance

Our leathers are treated for an easy maintenance, however it is essential to respect the following instructions to avoid that the spot migrates inward of the skin. Above all, it is necessary to act fast, never to leave a spot.

1-A. Liquid spots: mop at once the spot.

1-B. Solid spots: scrape slightly and delicately to remove the material with a plastic raclette.

2- Rub very slightly the spot with a wet and soapy linen with circular movement by leaving from the outside of the spot to arrive at the center. Use some soap or ideally some household "Marseille" soap. Avoid aggresive dertergents.

3- Wipe and to dry each time with a dry linen.

4- Repeat the operations 2 and 3 as much as is needful. It is better to repeat the operations cleaning / drying several times rather than to try to clean in a single operation (risk of migration of the spot inside of the leather or the fabric).

Stainless steel maintenance

Steels used for the manufacture of our furniture are stainless. They were polished by numerous times to give them a glittering aspect " polished mirror ". If scratches or spots are made on this kind of material, it will be very easy to erase them by using some dough for silverware on soft cloth. The more you will polish the structure of your seat or table, the more it will be shiny.

Fiberglass and plastics maintenance